Who is NUMiNOUS?
The magazine is managed by Stephanie Price and a team of like minded volunteers, predominately women. Each individual on our staff carries a unique artistic background, coming together to create a cohesive outlet to challenge the way modern art and enthusiasts are connected at a local level

What does NUMiNOUS do? 
- Through a traditional medium, we showcase vibrant new art and fashion
- We support local artists to gain exposure through traditional and digital mediums.
- We cultivate artistic and fashion collaboration through networked shoots and events to encourage a deeper artistic community in Philadelphia.
- A richer and more active community means more careers in our own city in the future.

How do I get published in an issue? 
Any models, photographers, designers, or artists looking to be published in NUMiNOUS magazine can collaborate with a team of their choice and submit online at any time, following the submission guidelines. This is how the majority of content is created for the magazine, as we are a submission based publication. Any model looking to be on the cover must be local, or willing to travel to the Philadelphia area, and can contact us with availability via email or Facebook. We will respond to model messages as new opportunities become available. For casting calls, follow our Facebook page.

How is the cover/featured artist determined?
The featured photo series, and interview, is set up in advance by the artistic director, editor in chief, and a board of volunteers. All photographers, models, makeup artists, hair stylists, designers, boutiques, or establishments looking to contribute work, time, or location to the issue feature can email us at any time. Please include contact information, portfolio, relevant links, and tell us a little bit about yourself. 
The cover photo is typically chosen from the featured photo series, but may be a submission photo. The photo chosen will be a decision made by the volunteer board.

How can I write for your blog?
Great! E mail us with writing samples, relevant links, and a bit about yourself.

I submitted a week ago, but haven't had a response. Did you receive my submission?

If I am published in the magazine, will I receive a free copy?

Are you just a photography magazine or do you accept other works?

Is the magazine available in print or digital?

How can I get more involved with NUMiNOUS? 
  - submit your theme related artwork for free
  - respond to casting calls via Facebook or email
  - purchase the seasonal magazine either in print or digital
  - make a time, item, or monetary donation towards the ongoing creation of NUMiNOUS

Where do I subscribe? 
We currently print on demand, through MagCloud (purchase any of our issues here) while we are searching for the perfect printing partner. You can order either digital download, or a print copy which will be delivered directly to your door. All back issues are available for digital and print purchase.